General Counsel for Oregon Nonprofits

Boender & Payment Attorneys has extensive experience in assisting nonprofits and tax-exempt entities of all types and sizes achieve their exempt missions. We can help your nonprofit from inception to dissolution and all matters in between serving as general counsel to your nonprofit:

​Formation and Incorporation

  • Nonprofit Articles and Bylaws
  • Nonprofit Policies
  • Nonprofit Training
  • Necessary Registrations
  • Obtaining Tax Exemption

Contract Drafting and Review Sales and Purchases

  • Leases
  • Service Agreements
  • Fiscal Sponsorships and Affiliation Agreements
  • Other contracts necessary for the operation of your nonprofit

​Strategic Planning

  • Assist your Board of Directors with long and short term strategic planning
  • Intellectual Property
  • Protecting, Licensing, and Selling your Intellectual Property

Ending Your Nonprofit

  • Dissolution
  • Merger
  • Selling Substantially All of the Nonprofit’s Assets