Oregon Child Support

Child support is typically required when going through a divorce, separation, or child custody matter. To ensure that you are treated fairly when it comes to a child support award, you need an experienced family law attorney. Our lawyers are trusted throughout Oregon to assist you with child support issues in any jurisdiction.

Oregon Child Support Guidelines

Oregon has specific guidelines for calculating child support. Most factors that are considered when calculating child support include:

  • Each parent’s gross monthly income (before taxes)
  • Each parent’s mandatory union dues
  • Child-care costs
  • Non-joint children of either parent
  • The number of overnights each parent receives
  • Each parent’s Social Security or veteran’s benefits
  • Out-of-pocket health insurance costs for the child and for the parent providing insurance

We Have the Expertise to Help Your Case

Working with the best family law attorney to represent you in your child support case is critical. We understand the long-term impact a child support judgment will have on you and your family. Our attorneys take time to listen to your concerns and give you legal advice based on the facts of your case. Contact our office if you would like more information on your Oregon child support case.

Child Support Modification

​Either parent can request a modification of child support. The court will modify child support if a change in circumstances has occurred related to the child’s needs or the parent’s income levels. The following factors may warrant a child support modification:

  • Changes in the child’s residential schedule
  • Change in custody
  • Age of the child
  • Change in either parent’s income
  • Changes in the needs of the child


​Contact Our Child Support Experts

​Our Oregon child support lawyers understand how important it is to make sure your child is taken care of and lives a healthy, happy, and stable life. We work hard to ensure your child support payments reflect the real financial situation. If you are dealing with any unanticipated financial change, you may be eligible for a child support modification. Contact our law firm to get more information on whether your case would benefit from requesting a modification of child support.