Boender & Kerns are experienced trial lawyers. We are dedicated to the profession of law and driven to protect our clients. Every person confronted with a legal problem deserves a skilled and zealous attorney. We take pride in our practice and work towards achieving our clients’ goals.

The firm practices criminal defense, family law, and student conduct.


Our Legal Team

Bryan Boender


S. Michaela Kerns


Practice Areas

We focus on the following areas:


We are experienced criminal defense lawyers who defend people accused of felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic crimes. Our practice includes complex criminal defense and major crimes, such as homicides, sex crimes, violent crimes, Measure 11 offenses, and domestic violence matters. We practice in local municipal courts, state circuit courts, and federal courts throughout Oregon.


We provide representation to individuals who are contemplating divorce or facing child custody issues, prosecuting or defending stalking or other protective orders, and defending domestic violence charges.


We represent veterans and assist other attorneys in connecting your military experience with your legal problem. Your military experience may provide a trial defense or sentencing mitigation.


We represent college and university students accused of conduct code violations and criminal law violations. Your son or daughter should leave school with a degree, not a criminal record.


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